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Rogue vampire hunter, poor spaceship pilot, loves Ice and Djew.

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Jaina Jade, a Terran human woman, in her youth (image credit: by Erin Kyan)

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...I'm known to hang around the undead / You always see me comin' cuz I am RED..."Very Bad"

Jaina Jade (sometimes called "Jaine" or "JJ") is a long-lived transgenic Terran vampire hunter, and the oldest of Ree's characters. She originated on Terra and lives on Moonburnt aboard her spaceship, Jaded Soul, but regularly returns to Terra to hunt down its vampires.

She has an inordinate fondness for Djew with Ice and for journalling.

Usual appearance

Caucasian female, 6'0" (1.8m), 180 lbs. (82 kilos), curvy build, aged 18-25 years. Long punk-red hair, green eyes. Last seen wearing faded grey-black jeans, red camisole with black pleather vest (patched with electrical tape), and ragged black boots. Carries sharpened wood spikes.

She sometimes dresses according to setting. For example, when visiting elves, she may wear a tunic or bodice instead of her 21st century Terran garb. She usually keeps her jeans for simple barhopping; dressing up is for occasions or business.

Her accent is predominantly that of the American Heartland, but she's traveled enough that odd bits of otherness slip in, everything from Aussie slang to Elvish salutations.

Her scent, for beings likely to notice, is faint. Her skin pretty much lacks the glands most people have that generate subtle people-scent. There's some, just not much as there ought to be.

Her skin is extraordinarily smooth and clear (except her hidden scar - see below), due to her abilities. Under ideal conditions it looks almost porcelain.

Work clothes

When working, Jaina always braids her hair back so it won't come loose or obscure her vision. She wears or carries a knapsack with supplies, which vary by prey (heavy firearms and ammo for zombies; knives with silver inlay and vials of silver nitrate for werewolves; stakes, wild roses, and blessed bullets for vampires, etc). The bag sometimes gets swung as a weapon itself.

If her prey is not photosensitive, she wears fingerless gloves to protect her hands (fingerless so she can still grip weapons as usual) and as much covering as she can manage in that climate, preferably at least denim to ankles and wrists, if not leather. She doesn't wear true armor on Terra, as that would draw too much attention, but neither does she care to break her skin with every tumble. Unscarring wounds means it hurts just as much every single time.

If her prey is photosensitive, she wears no more on her arms than absolutely needed for her health, and keeps her hair pulled off her pale neck to complete the illusion of a silly, vapid bloodbag.

Jaina is very adorable when blushing, according to wise sources. Her blush covers her whole face and almost matches her hair.

Distinguishing marks

Jaina has no body mods, aside from her genes. Her skin normally does not scar, and it rejects piercings and tattoo ink. She does have one burn scar on her left thigh, acquired during The Sith Temple (a reminder to remove the lightsabre from the belt, then ignite it). It is never visible in public; she wears jeans or (rarely) long skirts that cover it.

Her blood-red hair stands out in a crowd. It can be dyed or glamored, but its true color will gradually reassert itself. (Jaina favors hoodies for keeping a low profile.)


Jaina hates vampires. She will try to avoid them, but if they feed on someone unwilling while she's around, she's going to investigate and probably swing a punch at minimum. She'll leave most vampires alone if they don't provoke her (especially if she encounters them in neutral ground, such as an open bar—personal gatherings are another story).

She has a slight preference for the company of elves over humans, as she discovered early on that an elf's lifespan could match her own. However, J. is gradually understanding that a variety of circumstances could bring another human in line with her own almost nil aging. She has less familiarity with other races, just honest curiosity.

Jaina is fiercely protective of those she considers "hers," be they family or friend, and will often exert more effort on their behalf than her own. She likes vodka, Ice, Twine:Djew, wit, and hamburgers, but never in that order.


Jaina was raised on Terra by House Jade, a secretive group dedicated to killing supernatural monsters. She had a number of family members in this all-female society, including Pasht as a mentor-parent, but lost them all when she fell in love with a vampire. Unfortunately, Pasht had fallen for the same vampire, and turned Jaina in as a traitor. The society cut all ties with Jaina and abandoned her on a strange world (the location of the Mausoleum, for you TSFV exiles). Here Jaina met elves and beings of other legendary races, drank booze, and decided that her life was messy but livable.

She continues to spend a large portion of time doing the work of her old family, despite being shunned by them. This often keeps her away from her beloved tavern-hopping, but she makes each shot count both from her gun and at the bar. (Her writer should probably be shot for writing that, but has no remorse whatsoever.)

(changed 2015-02-11) She now resides in her spaceship on Moonburnt and splits her time between Moonburnt and Terra. In her free time, she wanders the Cross'd Roads and other planetary nexuses.

Jaina currently resides in the inn at the Cross'd Roads, although she's frequently away, hunting vampires across Terra or fixing yet another part of Jaded Soul.


Jaina has become fairly experienced in jury-rig repairs, thanks to the extensive damage her spaceship sustained some time ago. She can't improve on the original and often ends up with machinery that operates at a low capacity, but she can usually get it functioning at least. She's also a moderately good pilot if she has all the instrumentation working to guide her; she's nigh useless without any.


Jaina's powers affect several areas.


See Jaina Jade-Magic.


Jaina's old vampire-slaying order gifted her with the ability to emit light through her skin, including ultraviolet light to repel vampires. (She can also manage the visible spectrum, which sometimes manifests when she's startled, embarrassed, pissed off, or otherwise not in control of her emotions.)

To protect her light emanation, Jaina's skin does not scar or callus. She wears padded boots and wraps her stakes in leather straps to protect her palms, spots that would thicken on normal humans. This is true even at times her light isn't working. Her sweat doesn't smell as strongly as most humans', due to a slight difference in her sweat glands.

Her light is unrelated to sunlight. That is, she does not absorb, store, and re-emanate sunlight; her body produces light by an unrelated process.


Jaina's blood congeals quickly, both to protect her flesh and to minimise the chance of vampires scenting her fresh blood. She does not menstruate either. This is all apparently normal for a vampire hunter of her former group.

Quick clotting makes nosebleeds look very strange—sprays of coarse red powder instead of fluid.


Her hair is naturally blood-red. It won't bleach or dye.

She has fairly nice muscles, but they aren't superpowers, just results of training in a little extra gravity.

Technical details (in progress)

Jaina's flesh is bioluminescent due to transgenesis, probably with genes of a firefly or similar creature. Her bloodstream contains a dormant substance that activates mildly and somewhat slowly in the presence of adrenaline; this is why she glows faintly when excited or scared but otherwise in control of herself. She can consciously release more reactive substances into her blood (to glow more brightly), even limiting its effect to a specific part of her body (such as her hand or neck) and, to a degree, its hue—p to ultraviolet, outside of the human visible spectrum. Her skin is NOT warmer than usual when she does this—the process produces light but virtually no additional heat. Any excess warmth is due to her adrenaline and nothing more. Her inability to glow at times is due to lacking the reactive substance required.

Her liver is mildly tweaked to process urea more efficiently (because it's not sweated out her skin, unlike a normal human's hide) but doesn't hinder her in getting stinking drunk if she wants. It may also be involved in her light shows by storing or processing the chemicals required.

She does not regenerate except for flesh wounds; she can sprain her ankle or break a bone as easily as the next person (and has) and such injuries heal as a normal human's, unless treated by magic or another supernatural method.

Jaina is infertile. She does not menstruate and cannot get pregnant. This was done to her by her "family" for a number of reasons: it protects her from hunted that can easily detect blood, it prevents her modified genes from causing birth defects, and it keeps her in the field instead of a nursery.


Her desperate fear of being alone has crafted Jaina into a unpredictable opponent. She espouses no particular fighting style, preferring to lash out in unexpected assaults. It's messy, but her simple agility and refusal to lose have put kebabs into more undead than you might think.

Jaina is an experienced mêlée combatant, but with a heavy emphasis on specific situations (vampires). She knows how to fire a variety of firearms but is only an okay shot. She can hold a sword without hurting herself, but only on a good day, and she's unable to use it effectively in battle. (She says they're balanced completely unlike wooden stakes.) She has decent aim as an archer, but tends to scuff her skin when releasing her bowstring.

Jaina's sig was created by Foxxfire.

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