Vampire hunter turned vampire. Sorceress. Vamp.

Pasht, a female vampire (image credit: clipart)

  • Origin: Terraree (ancient Kemet)
  • Home: Terraree (assumed)
  • Race: human (vampiric)
  • Gender: female

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...Infected by the skin I’m that's starving with desire...— dc Talk, "So Help Me God"

Pasht (also called Ma'atkara, Kara, and a slew of other aliases) is a paragon of virtue—if sucking the life out of people were a virtue. She is a millennia-old vampire with a penchant for anything sensory and a history starting in ancient Egypt, on Terra.

During the time she used the name "Kara", Pasht was a member of House Jade. She died and rose as a vampire, which severed all her ties to her House. She does not currently use the Jade name (unlike Jaina), and may never have used it.

Usual appearance

Multi-ethnic female, probably Hispanic background, 5'5" (1.65m), skinny and flat-chested, apparent age 15-22 years. Cornrowed long black hair, brown eyes. Last seen wearing a black bikini top and red patterned sarong. Violent psychoses; consult Glenview Psychiatric Hospital staff immediately if spotted. Thought to be armed with some kind of knife.

Pasht's skin tone is similar to American President Barack Obama's, appearing neither definitely White nor Black. Under bright light, her hair is visibly not pure black but dark brown; she is very rarely so well lit.


Pasht's eyes change colour somewhat depending on how badly she needs to feed. If she's topped up, her eyes will be bloodshot with warm brown irises; if she's running on empty, the whites of her eyes will have no visible veins (though someone of normal human vision would have to be quite close to her face to notice), her irises will be monochrome grey, and whoever sees her runs a high risk of developing anemia in the very near future.

Unless otherwise stated within a story/RP, assume her eyes are brown but not bloodshot. She usually socialises when she doesn't need to feed, because (in other boards) she has sometimes been unable to feed due to anti-violence spells cast on the area.

Known aliases

"Lady" Kara de Maubin, Pasht Sphinx, Paloma, Pura Scott, Maatka al-Mundi, Pamela Li


Pasht's life-after-death reads like an extended misinformation campaign. To understand her is to have discarded much non-information and outright untruth. Even her true ethnicity eludes most. Jaina Jade, a lone hunter devoted to capturing Pasht, might have some answers....

Claims and Rumors

Pasht loves to make outlandish claims. Among them: she was a goddess in Egypt, a respected courtesan in Rome, a dark-skinned and pagan survivor of the Spanish Inquisition, an Italian nun during the Renaissance, a socialite in Victorian England, and scourge of entire clans of vampire hunters throughout history. Strange rumors, apparently not propagated by Pasht herself, suggest that she was once a hunter of vampires! While it's common knowledge among vampires that hunters can be "brought into the night", equally well known is that a hunter's surviving partners will slay their fallen kin and consider it a favor to the slain.


A few facts are certain. Pasht has a fondness for relics of ancient Egypt, medieval Spain, and modern Mexico City (although Tijuana ranks on the list as well). Her Spanish is flowing and expressive, if slightly antiquated, and even her English occasionally carries the a slight Castilian accent. (Castile is a region of Spain, and Castilian, both the dialect of that region and the official form of the Spanish language.) She tends to indentify herself as a Latina, when pressed, but her coloring isn't quite right for that ethnicity. She generally wears her hair in African-American style cornrows, but she seems rather pale to be of that descent; yet she's of a smokier hue than a Caucasian. It's possible that she is of mixed Moorish and Spanish stock, probably with some nobility in the latter, to judge by her aristocratic posturing.

In reality, she is Kemetic (ancient Egyptian), neither black nor white as understood in the modern age.

She speaks with a slight lisp, which is actually a Castilian accent she adopted while in Spain. A native Castilian would recognise that something else colours her speech as well: the Kemetic language, her birth tongue.


By the time Pasht had begun to make a name for herself among vampires, her kind had already discovered her most frightening trait. Pasht's mood can change without the slightest outward sign or cause. She may give someone a kiss, seducing them into being her breakfast, only to abruptly snap their neck and walk off, never having drawn any blood. Worst of all, she doesn't mind baring her fangs (or anything else) in front of mortals, hunters, werewolves, or anyone else.


Pasht possesses a stunning, if erratic, range of magic, which makes angering her even more dangerous. She has been known to change her own appearance and that of others (by transformation or illusion is unknown), stop direct sunlight from burning her, fly short distances, translocate, mesmerize animals, regenerate wounds, and transform into animal form and to mist. A favored trick is walking out a door, not to its other side, but across town or further. This appears to be a modified portal or teleportation spell.


For all her revealing apparel and luscious flirtation, Pasht doesn't actually enjoy sex. It's something to do with lack of bloodflow. She'll use sex to gain her ends, but her only lust is bloodlust, and the only intercourse she desires involves fangs. With this understanding in mind, Pasht could be called bisexual, or (better yet) pansexual. If someone has savoury blood, she'll take that person, male, female, or something else entirely.

  • Origin: ancient Kemet on Terra
  • Home: unknown (possibly Terra)
  • Race: Vampire (human)


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The hieroglyphic cartouche (seen beside Pasht's name in the page's header) is taken from this image of a stela of Hatshepsut and cropped to show only the name "Maatkare" - one of Hatshepsut's throne names, as well as one of Pasht's many names throughout millenia.

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