Things that go bump in the night. Sworn prey of the hunter houses.

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"Their offers should not charm us, / Their evil gifts would harm us."—"Goblin Market" by Christina Rossetti

Hunted, in the context of the wiki, is a catch-all term for the various types of supernatural evil hunted by the Terran Hunter Houses: an assortment of undead, cursed, or otherwise inherently evil beings. This includes all vampires.

Types of Hunted

  • Vampires
  • Zombies (both infectious and magical types, but especially the former)
  • Werewolves and other involuntary shapeshifters
  • Ghosts (by exorcism or spiritual destruction) and other non-corporeal entities (this is well outside Jaina Jade's wheelhouse, but part of the houses' work nonetheless)

Pasht, previously a member of House Jade, is now a vampire and therefore an acceptable hunting target for her former sisterhood.

Not hunted

  • Mai Yamato is an at-will shapeshifter, whose default form appears human. She does not seek to harm humans. Ms Yamato is not hunted.
  • Euryale is visibly inhuman, of a type (gorgon) thought to be mythical. She will harm humans to protect her home, but does not seek them out. Mx Euryale is not hunted. (If she harmed a hunter, however, they would run her into the ground in retaliation.)

Jaina Jade continues to hunt, but only those beings she recognizes as dangerous (e.g, she would take down a vampiric spree killer because it poses a threat to humanity; she has no interest in exorcising Casper). Her stance on Pasht is complicated and frequently in flux.

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