Jaded Soul

Spaceship turned space station. Fixture of Moonburnt. Property of Jaina Jade.

Jaded Soul in flight

Jaded Soul is Jaina Jade's spaceship and occasional home base.

Back in TSFV days, Jaina somehow procured a spacegoing vessel, which she somewhat egotistically named Jaded Soul. She made it her home as she traveled the stars with it.

Never a particularly skilled pilot, Jaina ultimately crashed Soul into the surface of a relatively lifeless space rock, where it remains to this day. She pragmatically repaired life support, ignored propulsion, and grew accustomed to her home's new surroundings, which she dubbed "Moonburnt" for the planetoid's scorching satellites. Because Jaina is able to portal across worlds, it doesn't particularly bother her to have Soul stuck in one place.

Since becoming involved with Suitov Iceheart, Jaina has been living primarily at his unnamed inn. Jaina visits Soul occasionally but mostly uses it as storage space. It is the setting and focus of the scene Closing Up Shop.

"The Jaded Soul" was also the name of Jaina's LiveJournal, in honor of her longtime home.

Interior description

Soul is a cramped shell of a spaceship. It's barely flightworthy, if that. The hull is thick (in spots) in someone's poor attempt to make up for abyssmal energy shielding.

A narrow and battered Army cot leans against an interior wall, not far from the controls. The directional mechanisms are bulky and ugly, which might explain the stupidly bright stickers attached in odd spots around them.

One shit-kicked door opens into a warmly lit room, which is filled floor to ceiling with burgeoning bookshelves. It stands out from the ship's rather minimal decor everywhere else. This is the one place on board that isn't quite so depressing.Moonburnt, 2005

Soul's life support includes a hydroponic system which uses modified plant life to filter carbon dioxide from the shipboard air.

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