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Jaina's life story, chopped into bite-size pieces.

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I have no past to live in and no future in sight. I just have the present and the present, frankly, sucks.Moonburnt sig, 2004/04/29


Jaina was not born to House Jade. She belonged to her birth family, whom Jaina can barely remember. Something happened to them while Jaina was still small (less than three years old, probably around two). She ended up in foster care.


As a foster child, Jaina was physically combative. She went through several homes in short order, until House Jade learned of her and got her into the care of a House Jade foster parent.

House Jade

Jaina's origins outside of the House colored her path. Because the legal system was already aware of her, she went to school until she was old enough to legally drop out. (Some House girls are purportedly "home schooled", and come out knowing nothing but combat and cult dogma; Jaina escaped that fate.)

Her knowledge of the outside world suited Jaina to baiting. She would approach a known vampire, flirting and drawing attention to her throat and pulse, while her sisters got into position. Jaina would lure the vampire away from the public and into a House Jade ambush.

Every teenager rebels. In Jaina's case, she began dissecting her family's rules and dogma, always asking "Why?"

Enter Ethan...


A local blood drive turned up short; Jaina suspected a vampire and began investigating. She discovered Ethan, who had hit a rough patch and took the blood in order to survive without hurting anyone.

This wasn't covered in House Jade doctrine, which held that all vampires were heartless and saw humans only as food. Jaina had some thinking to do.

Or she would have, if Pasht hadn't found out and turned her in. Ethan went on the run from House hunters. Jaina was expelled. Pasht followed her, reporting back about Jaina's activities. Possibly Pasht was trying to learn if Jaina had "corrupted" any of her sisters, or leaked House knowledge to the outside.

Jaina managed to locate a mage of some ability. The mage opened a gate to another world for her. She took it, thinking she would never be able to come back.


The mage's gate dropped Jaina into another world, one with elves and races more mysterious still, many of whom had their own means to travel between worlds. Jaina befriended a horde of magical beings (Lunzie Istari-Benden, Galain Alcarin, Flute Aslora, Foxxfire Evenstar, and countless others) who became another family to her. For awhile, her life intertwined with theirs. She even discovered her own ability to open portals between worlds (without learning its source). She has used this new ability to make numerous return visits to her homeworld, but she will never live there again.

It wasn't all that long before the constant trips (and the headaches brought on by leaving for a week to discover that fifty years had passed for everyone else) grew exhausting. Jaina retreated to a little inn between worlds, leaving it less and less often, until she left it only when the inn would decay and a newer establishment succeed it.


While settling into the latest inn, which hadn't even been named yet, Jaina's attention landed on its owner: Suitov Iceheart, a mage with a complexion as light as hers. She struggled to find the courage to ask him to share a Djew with her, only to find that their interest was as mutual as their skin tone.

Jaina's relationship with Suitov is committed, but somewhat distant; they both have interests and duties that can draw them apart for days or even weeks at a time. Despite that, Jaina unreservedly loves Suitov and always returns to his arms.

While Jaina may have some knowledge of Suitov's telepathic ability, she is unaware that he has used it to tell her what she wants to hear, regardless of truth. She also assumes that he would never work in concert with vampires or other Hunted. She's firmly in denial and likely faces a rude awakening as the Wars flare up.

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