Jaina's belongings

Cherished possessions of Jaina Jade.

Adoption paper

Jaina Jade, Honorary Elf and Adopted Sister of Galain / Certified this day, January 17, 2000

Jaina's most treasured object, shown at right, represents her finally finding a family and a place where she belonged after her previous family abandoned her.


From Zara Jade, long ago


In ancient TSFV times, Jaina used to own some items specific to the Star Wars universe: a pet Rancor named Pineapple (or "Piney"), a lightsaber, an astromech droid of the same type as R2-D2, and possibly others. The lightsaber, source of a nasty scar on her leg, remains in storage aboard Jaded Soul, a memento of time spent with her niece. Piney and any other Star Wars items haven't been part of Jaina's canon for a long time now.


Certifed Nut: The Cashew

This little oddity has more to do with this and Ree than it does with Jaina Jade, but it was part of Jaina's TSFV HomeSite, so it's getting tucked in here too, for safekeeping if nothing else.

red-streaked text reading 'vampires - got stake?'

This was (part of?) Jaina's sig on EZ Board, back before Bardic Web got its own site. It was made in a free online image generator and the attempt at a joke is unfunny and I love so much that I rediscovered this dumb thing. 💖

See also Jaded Soul.

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