The Green Heart Inn is an ongoing roleplay board, begun at The House of Elf and now located at Berelath within Bardic Web. Jaina Jade periodically drops in there, often literally falling from a portal.

GH's popularity caused it to expand into additional auxiliary areas within HoE. These included the Hall of Imladris (where celebrations, such as birthday parties, were held) and a number of smaller, more focused areas (The Musket Elves, the Bittersweet Memory, the Underdark).

Selected highlights

At The House of Elf on TSFV

  • The Green Heart Inn I (Lunzie's and Jaina's adoptions)
  • The Hall of Imladris I (Jaina, Lunzie, and Summerlin)

At Berelath on Bardic Web

  • The Green Heart Inn IIIb (Jaina, Foxx, and alcohol... oh dear)
  • The Green Heart Inn IVb (Jaina, Lunzie, Marius, and Foxx)

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