Science-fiction planet. Accidental "dock" (crash site) for Jaded Soul.

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Moonburnt, a non-Earthlike planet (image credit: Night by Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis)

approximately 1.2× Earth gravity
Toxic to unadapted humans, but relatively clear (high visibility)
Indigenous life
draconid life form
Adapted life
Jaina Jade (uses artificial habitat)

For the real board of the same name, see Moonburnt.

Moonburnt is a non-Earthlike planet with no known sapient lifeforms. Its most distinctive geographic feature is a spaceship half-embedded in its surface. Jaina Jade gave it its name for its cycles of intense heat, caused by intense solar radiation and highly reflective lunar surfaces.

Moonburnt's surface is uninhabitable by non-natives. Temperature changes aside, the air will poison baseline humans, although apparently Lunzie Istari can survive it for minutes at least. It is tolerable with a rebreather, though only for short periods (less than an hour, for sure).

The planet is formed primarily of dense metals, possibly silver. If its moons are similarly composed, that may explain their high reflective index, as well as amuse anyone familiar with the folklore connecting silver with the moon. Due to its density, Moonburnt has greater gravity (about 1.2G) and air pressure than Earth, but a smaller volume.

The planet is tectonically inactive, unless it turns out that tectonic activity is required to generate the electromagnetism necessary to hold an atmosphere. In that case, it still might be tectonically inactive, or it might have scant atmo. I dunno yet. Sorry!


  • Jaina Jade (occasionally; formerly fulltime)
  • a race of subterranean dragons, who seem to be intelligent but not sapient

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