The woman Pasht used to be, in a previous life - literally.

Kara, a Terran woman (image credit: timepunching)

  • Origin: Terraree (ancient Kemet)
  • Home: Terraree (moving regularly)
  • Race: human
  • Gender: female

Kara was the name Pasht used at the time that she trained Jaina Jade in the ways of hunting vampires. Jaina uses this name to distinguish between pre-vampiric Kara and vampiric Pasht.

"Ma'atkara" (the full name from which Pasht derived "Kara") means approximately "truth is the soul of Ra" in ancient Egyptian. It was a throne name of Hatshepsut. "Kara" also happens to mean "beloved" in Latin.

For for information on Pasht, her aliases, and when she used which, see Pasht-Timeline.

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