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Pasht's magic and related abilities, take #1. Stubby McStubbs.

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Pasht is capable of the following (some of this may be vampiric abilities; I'll sort it out later):

  • mentally summoning vermin (such as rats and mice)
  • mesmerizing a human into forgetting they ever saw her (I *think* this happened somewhen?)
  • drastically extending her human lifespan for literal millennia, stopping only when her transformation into a vampire made it pointless to continue
  • blocking her skin from absorbing sunlight, which would otherwise weaken her

To some extent, Pasht is able to detect persons who possess innate magical ability, their blood, or both. She finds magic-rich blood especially satisfying and will seek it out.


According to Hunter House dogma, vampirism doesn't remove the host's soul; it is instead trapped within the vampire, severed from its human consciousness and doomed to accrue ever-increasing taint.

Vampirism causes an unquenchable thirst for blood and a lack of empathy. Pasht is actually nicer than the average Terrareen vampire in that she doesn't always treat humans as disposable toys.

As a vampire, Pasht is faster, stronger, and heals more quickly (and completely) than she did in life. If wounded, her flesh will not well up blood; it's more like a slow leak, since her heart doesn't beat anymore to push blood through veins. Direct sunlight weakens her, but she easily gets around this with her magic.

Speaking of, her magic shifted abruptly with her death and return. She used to have ample healing magic, but the vampirism completely destroyed that, leaving her open to more destructive skills, like summoning vermin or obliterating recent memories in a human brain.

Humans often find Pasht mildly disconcerting, as they usually notice subconsciously at least one of the following: she is a thing that should not be (dead but moving); she is dangerous (willing to kill humans in order to keep herself alive); she is using them (for either of the previous); or any combination thereof. Most non-sapient animals find her presence stressful. Exceptions please her, as she misses that interaction.


Pasht practices a unique brand of travel. She magically connects two doorways (or other apertures). She enters one and exits the other. The magical effect vanishes as soon as she is out the other side.

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