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or "The history of humanity, as experienced by Pasht".

Kara, an ancient Egyptian woman who would become Pasht (image credit: AllAvatars)

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Ancient Egypt

Pasht was born sometime during the Old Kingdom of ancient Egypt. The Sphinx was already old by then, but the pyramids would be built during her lifetime.

Pasht could not have lived her incredibly long life if she had not gotten involved with one of the earliest hunter houses while still young. She was also associated with the temple of Bast during this era; it (or the temple of Mafdet, a cat goddess predating Bast) may have been a cover for, or the public face of, this early House.

It remains unknown what Pasht's mark of the chosen was, or what gift (if any) she was given. Her magic might fit either role.

A normal woman would not travel much in ancient Egypt, but Pasht needed to disguise her agelessness. She probably assumed many names and cover stories over the years.

Pasht claims today that she was worshiped as a goddess in ancient Egypt. She may have actually been the focus of a cult, an impersonator of a goddess, or a modern-day liar.

Pasht used the name "Ma'atkara" during at least part of her life in Egypt.

During or after the Ptolemaic dynasty, Pasht moved from Egypt into the greater Roman Empire.

Ancient Rome

Pasht claims to have been a popular hetaira.

She may have known Alexander the Great, or at least some of his men who went to India and back.

Pasht used the name "Kara" during at least part of her life in Rome. This is a shortened form of her Egyptian name, Ma'atkara; it is also a viable Latin name, meaning "beloved".


For reasons yet unknown (possibly interest in Alexander's journeys in the East), she moved on to the Byzantine Empire. She may have preferred Greek to Latin (or anything to Latin, that being the language of her homeland's oppressors). She did learn ancient Greek somewhere; she's been known to gossip with Euryale in Greek.

Pasht's history gets harder to trace here, mostly because the English-language history tends to treat "world history" as consisting almost entirely of Western civilization, and Pasht lived most of her life outside of that.

Ottoman Empire

Spain and the Spanish Inquisition

The New World

From here, Pasht's history gets a bit easier to trace. She probably disguised herself to work as a cabin boy. (If she, like Jaina Jade, did not menstruate, this and her slender figure would aid her deception.) Once in the so-called New World, she may have passed herself off as the last survivor of a native tribe.

She seems to have stayed in Spanish (and maybe some Portuguese) territory until sometime after the founding of the United States of America. She may have aided in the Battle of the Alamo or other battles between Mexico and Texas.


At some point during her tenure with the modern-day House Jade, Pasht (then going by the name Kara) became Jaina's mentor. Pasht was generally dissatisfied with Jaina's performance, appearance, and existence, despite Jaina's efforts to please.


When House Jade excommunicated Jaina and she fled Terra, Pasht followed. She was killed by an unknown assailant as she wrote her account of Jaina's actions.


Pasht apparently lay dead for some time before someone (possibly her killer, possibly a third party) retrieved her body and resurrected her as a vampire. Pasht blames this period of true death for her erratic mental and emotional state.

Since her death, Pasht avoid mirrors. It's unclear if she has a reflection, but (at least sometimes) when she looks into a mirror, she sees her rotting corpse. This is not reality—her flesh shows no sign of rot to anyone else—but it's real enough to her.

Modern times

She has at least one stronghold in Toronto, which probably didn't happen until sometime after 1900-ish. She took up smoking, probably sometime around the 1920s, as a disguise: warm humans have visible breath in cold weather. Pasht doesn't, but if she exhales smoke, it looks the same as if she did.

Do not get Pasht started on the American South. Or racism in general. Or sexism. Or religious hatred. Or pretty much anything.

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