Emigrant from an fantasy land to Terraree.

Yzin, a humanoid passing as a human woman (image credit: AllAvatars)

  • Origin: ? (an unnamed fantasy world)
  • Home: Terraree
  • Race: humanoid (non-human passing as human)
  • Gender: female

Yzin is a non-human woman who fled her fantasy homeworld and settled on Terraree, keeping her true origin a secret to avoid the complications of being considered mentally ill. She has chosen to remain on Terraree even though her truancy will eventually kill her.


Yzin's people possess powerful magic. Men get spatial magic, which they use to pass messages and objects quickly across great distances. Women get temporal magic, which they are expected to exploit to perform parenting and household tasks: squeeze a full night's sleep into a smaller span, perfectly control the timing of various courses of food, that sort of thing.

At least, that's how they think it works.

Yzin herself doesn't fit those "rules". Despite being female, she didn't get time magic. By the standards of her people, that alone would make her an object of pity and patronization. What she got instead was space magic worthy of a king... if only it had gone to a man, instead of a quasi-disabled girl.

As soon as Yzin discovered that her space magic could take to her other worlds entirely (something the men couldn't manage), she used it to get the hell out of there and never go back.


Yzin wound up on Terraree some time before Jaina Jade left it. After some acclimatization, Yzin has come to quite like her new home, despite some caveats.

Milk-drinking disgusts Yzin - babies are supposed to drink their mother's milk, sure, but adult sapients drinking livestock milk? Ugh!

She is functionally illiterate. She relies heavily on social engineering tactics to get by. She also has no proof of identity and so survives on a cash and charity basis.

Yzin survives mainly by her wits. She tends to put herself out as a sort of advisor or outright psychic, using simple observation and extrapolation to maintain the charade. She moves around constantly and maintains no permanent address. The best way to find her is to ask around at bars: if there's been a strange woman, sandal-shod in winter, telling folks how to live their lives? That's likely her.


Yzin appears human. She is tall (about five foot nine), on the slender side, and pale. She deliberately keeps her strawberry-blonde bob shaggy enough to get in her eyes, so it's less obvious that her eyes have distinctly inhuman red irises.

She grew up barefooted. As a consequence, her toes aren't shaped like "normal" human toes (compacted together by years of wearing shoes), so she goes barefoot when she can and wears open-toe sandals when "no shirt no shoes no service" signs conspire to force her.

Interaction with Jaina Jade

Yzin possesses portal magic. She may have seen the potential for such magic in Jaina, though it's unclear at this point. Jaina got her to open a portal offworld so that the renegade vampire hunter could get away from House Jade.


Yzin identifies herself as lactose-intolerant. Her actual ability digest lactose is uncertain, but her people is weirded out at the idea of drinking milk from another species. They are especially disgusted by adults drinking milk.

To Be Determined

  • Yzin will die before her time because of her refusal to return home. What is the mechanism of this malady?
  • Did she recognize Jaina's potential for magic before Jaina herself was aware? Did she specifically notice a latent ability to portal, like herself?

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