Lady Knight

Mercenary. Compulsive thief. Cursed. Uses magic to disguise her brogue.

"Lady Knight", a part-Allimdori woman (image credit: AllAvatars)

  • Origin: Allimdor
  • Home: ?
  • Race: mixed (1/4 Allimdori, 1/4 orc, 1/2 unknown)
  • Gender: female

Lady Knight (who does not reveal her name) is a mixed-race elven warrior. She wields the magical sword, Moneymaker, which she claims speaks to her in a masculine voice.

She's a bit... off.

Her mother was half-orc/half-elf, an uneasy mix, to say the least. Their elven ancestry is Allimdori.


Average height, toned muscles, long blond hair, blue-green eyes, and pointed ears (slightly less extreme than those in LotR, because of some non-elven blood). Normally wears various tunics, chain mail, frocks -- stuff in keeping with her fantasy-based origins. Her sword is always either strapped to her back or held in her hands. She also speaks with a thick, vaguely Irish accent.


Lady Knight firmly believes that others knowing her true name will grant them magical power over her, so she refuses to give it out. If asked for her name, she will offer her title instead. She also answers to "Milady," "LK," or, in less serious boards, "Ms. Lady C. Knight".

It's Cahira, by the way, but your character has no way of knowing that, so don't use it.


Lady Knight is not always clear or consistent about her past. The following is apparently true, but who's to say?

By her own account, the child Cahira was raised primarily by her maternal grandmother, a full-blood elf whom Cahira still refers to as "my gran". The elf taught her granddaughter writing and courtly manners *.

A boy in their village died before he could leave for his placement as page. Cahira passed herself off as the dead boy and took his place. It's unclear whether or not she truly became a knight before taking a mercenary turn.

Lady Knight has trouble with horses disliking her on sight (or scent, or whatever they get of her). She prefers to travel by foot or magic, depending on the distance to cover, and has arrived at more than one event tired and footsore.


Lady doesn't use offensive spells, preferring to wield her sword and smite her foes. She knows how to portal rather well and it's possible that she magically enhances her natural fighting ability. She tends to eschew magical healing in favor of toughing it out; in fact, she doesn't seem to mind the pain. As noted above, she believes that a magic-user can cast harmful spells on a person using the target's true name.

In the past, she has had a standing auditory illusion that hid her usual thick accent. She can temporarily drop the spell, which generally reveals her to be a "freak", so she will only do this around other non-humans. She's seeking camaraderie among outcasts when she tries that. She could not magically disguise Moneymaker, due to its own magical nature, or she certainly would have done so.


No matter where she goes, Lady always has a reason for being there, and it's generally money. She harbors an almost dwarven greed for all things shiny and valuable. Never count on her to act selflessly.


Ráwen Darkstar was created as a loose Expy of Lady Knight.

Lady Knight was an early member of The Cagliostro.


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