Claridad Diamante

Hunter famed for her epic kills.

Claridad Diamante is a Terran monster hunter of La Casa Del Diamante (a Latin American counterpart of House Jade). She is a legend among her peers for her unprecedented kills: she has slain very many, very quickly, in large groups.

Diamante adopted Claridad as an infant. She knows basically nothing about her birth family and prefers to keep it that way. She is completely loyal to her House and is considered likely to lead it someday. She has more than proven herself in the field, but feels she must constantly improve, or her House will consider her too weak (or too damaged) to lead.

Claridad's dominant hand has an old injury, so scarred that it barely moves. She refuses to talk about how it happened, but her preternatural ability despite this injury only add to her revered status among younger hunters.

She especially hates were-monsters and draws no distinction between them and at-will shapeshifters. She has slain both, often in creatively painful ways.

In the field, she likes to use the codename "Aurora". She probably does not speak English.

Category: NPC