Rotten floors, a booze pixie, and a passed-out gorgon. It's like that.

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For the setting of the same name, see Moonburnt.

Moonburnt is currently a private Dreamwidth community for Ree's characters.


Moonburnt originated on EZBoard in 2001 (the newly post-TSFV era). Staff members during this time include Lunzie Istari and Zara Jade, among others. Despite being named Moonburnt, most stories were not set on that planet. came around 2005. It ran on a succession of software (MiniBB, PunBB, FluxBB) and was little used. The domain lapsed in 2014. Maybe someday it'll come back around.

In 2006, the name "Moonburnt" was also applied to a LiveJournal community: moonburntlounge. It, too, saw a little activity before dying out.

In the end, Moonburnt's true mission was completely unknown, but there were rotten floors, tequila bottles, and excuses for kids to knock over adults. It was good and shall be again someday.

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