Ráwen Darkstar

Professional thief. 3/4 elf. Sucks at climbing ropes. Do not deprive of sleep.

Ráwen Darkstar, a half-elven woman, in adventuring gear (image credit: AllAvatars)

  • Origin: a proprietary fantasy world
  • Home: a proprietary fantasy world
  • Race: half-elf (technically 3/4 elven, 1/4 human)
  • Gender: female

Ráwen Darkstar is an Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition character (originally 3rd edition, then backported). She is technically a half-elven thief/fighter, but her ancestry is actually 3/4 elven, 1/4 human, and she only has one level in fighter. Within her party, she was best known for her foul mouth and apparent inability to climb a rope without knocking herself unconscious in the attempt. (That's not a joke. Well. It is but it's also true, and the joke is on me and my bratty dice.)

The last guy she trusted had been her pupil in the thieves' guild, whom she slept with before finding out he was a badass vampire who'd screwed her over six ways from Sunday. She figures people understand if she's on edge, because bloodboy is still at large after gnawing on a traveling companion's arm like it was beef jerky.

Despite her delicate elven features and deeply-buried compassion for others, Ráwen is a downright jerkass whenever she can remotely get away with it. She has tricked a traveling companion into posing as a gigolo, griped about having to search for a lost infant (because at least it wasn't around for her to feed), and insulted a mighty vampire's manhood after being beaten and thrown out a window. She was barely conscious, but she swore him out anyway.

Next time I see you, I'm cutting your head off. Both of them.

Maybe she does actually care—but if that's the case, she does a damn good job of hiding it. And that's exactly the way she likes things to be.

Over time, Ráwen's party members learned not to assign her the second watch of the night, because she gets extremely grumpy if shortchanged on sleep. She also has the distinct habit of lumping cleric and wizard spells into the same category, which she labeled "juju" whenever the subject was raised.

Family history

Grandpa Darkstar
(♂ human)
marriedGrandma Darkstar
(♀ wood elf)
marriage ended with Grandma Darkstar's desertion
 Morwen Darkstar (♀) 
Morwen Darkstar (♀)loversanonymous ♂ elf
Morwen's lover abandoned her before Ráwen's birth
 Ráwen Darkstar (♀) 

Ráwen's maternal grandfather, Grandpa Darkstar, married an elf. They had a child together, but his wife couldn't bear to see her husband and daughter age so rapidly (by her elven estimation). Grandma Darkstar returned to her people, leaving her distraught husband to raise little Morwen alone.

Morwen grew into a lovely half-elven woman. Like her father before her, Morwen fell in love with an elf. Unfortunately, Morwen's lover regarded her as a mere fling. He departed before Ráwen was born. Morwen gave her own surname to her daughter. Ráwen knows who her father is and does not care to meet him.

When Ráwen was about nine years old, Morwen and Ráwen moved into Grandpa Darkstar's home to care for him. He died within the year. Soon after, Morwen was horrifically assaulted in an apparent anti-elf crime. She entered a fugue state and never recovered.

Ráwen began stealing to keep her and her mother alive, and try to heal her mother's mind. She came to the notice of the Thieves' Guild, which brought her in. Whatever money Ráwen makes that doesn't go to the Guild, goes to Morwen's continued care in the home of a trusted family friend.


"Ráwen" is supposed to be Quenya (Elvish) for "lion woman". Any translation error is mine.

Lady Knight was created as a loose analogue for Ráwen. They share gender, similar ancestry, and a penchant for taking other people's belongings, among other similarities.

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