Stage magician by night, superhero by... day? Addicted to coffee and attention.

Poltergeist, a brunette mutant woman (image credit: AllAvatars)

Poltergeist (AKA Constance Kinsey, AKA The Lady Zelenka, don't call her Connie) is a superhero in a parallel Marvel Comics timeline. Within her world, she is noted for carrying her cash in her cleavage and developing a caffeine addiction that could singlehandedly keep several Starbucks in business. Her powers include phase, charge object, and a mild boost to speed. (She can break a posted speed limit, but not the sound barrier. She's not Quicksilver.)

Her resemblance to canon DC Comics hero Zatanna (in appearance, not powerset) is purely intentional, because subverting expectations is fun. Zatanna wields real magic; Lady Zelenka is only a stage magician, whose superhuman abilities come instead from her inborn mutation.

She isn't all that interested in acting like a traditional hero; she gambles, makes bargains with villains, and supports some poor life choices. She also adores being adored and spends most of her free time in costume, just so civilians can give her the recognition she craves. Despite her flaws, she does her best to help the world around her.

Poltergeist has occasionally journaled or dropped by Moonburnt, but she is otherwise exclusive to tabletop roleplay. As such, she has done almost nothing since approximately 2006.

Superhero shenanigans

  • taunted Carnage into chasing her, as part of a teammate's plan
  • sent Wolverine's latest underage girl sidekick into an alternate dimension, along with her similarly underage lover, to ensure Wolverine would not flip out and kill the boy
  • while caged, blew up a Sentinel's foot

Turning point

Early in 'Geist's superhero career, a woman in powered armor (similar to Iron Man's suit) tried to kill her. Geist phased through the would-be assassin in order to short out her weaponry and flight capabilities. Unfortunately, the suit also functioned as life support for the woman's failing organs, and she died shortly after, leaving a lot of ununswered questions. Geist blames herself for not finding a better way. It was after this incident that Geist began sleeping poorly and consequently adopted her signature caffeine habit.

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