Penny Lacroix

Canadian exchange student at Cliché High. Thespian, dramatist, yet another Hiroshi fangirl.

Penny Lacroix, an adolescent human girl (image credit: AllAvatars)

  • Origin: Terra (Alberta, Canada)
  • Home: Terra (Denial City, as foreign exchange student; normally Alberta)
  • Race: human
  • Gender: female

Penny Lacroix was a Canadian exchange student attending Cliché High. She is notable among my characters for being baseline human: no superpowers or magic of any kind.

Just the Basics

  • Name: Penny Lacroix
  • Age: 17
  • Gender: female/straight
  • Favourite Subject: Play Production
  • Least Favourite Subject: maths
  • Blood type: A+
  • Star Sign: Aquarius
  • Club Member of: drama club, literary society


  • Eye colour: hazel
  • Hair colour: black (dyed)
  • Hair style and length: full-bodied and halfway to her elbows
  • Skin tone: quite pale
  • Usually seen wearing: Slightly girly-Gothy clothing - corsets or bustiers with flowing skirts.
  • Anything else worth mentioning: Penny's astrological symbol is intentionally, carefully scarred into her left outer ankle.


  • Your character in one sentence: She's a drama student who can't act, just angst.
  • Likes: sonnets, Edgar Allen Poe, colours black and dark grey
  • Dislikes: anything very bright, unemotional people
  • Background (if applicable): Penny is an exchange student from Alberta, Canada.
  • Outward personality: Really rather nice and personable, and calm despite her drama queen aspirations. She likes to study human behaviour from a distance.
  • Quirks/Other Info: Writes poetry that nobody is allowed to read.


While presumably Penny is still around somewhere, she isn't in use at this time. Maybe someday.


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