Jaina's relationships

People Jaina Jade knows and the degree to which they get along, or don't.

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Jaina's relationships in short

Relationship status

In a romantic relationship with Suitov_Iceheart


none (infertile)

Family (birth)


Family (House Jade)

(formerly) Pasht and unnamed others

Family (The House of Elf), adoptive:



In general

Jaina's hackles automatically rise around any unfamiliar vampires, but she won't attack without cause. If attacked, she will counter-attack; if her dear ones are attacked, she's liable to kill the offenders without further thought.

She has a slight preference for the company of races longer lived than humans, with a particular soft spot for elves. It's not that she dislikes her own - she just prefers not to befriend folks she's likely to outlive by a broad margin, due to her transgenic modifications. It hurts too much.

Due to her upbringing, Jaina feels more comfortable among women than men. She's improved considerably throughout her adulthood.

With specific people

Lunzie Istari

Jaina met Lunzie shortly after the former lost all connection to her family. Lunzie was instrumental in shaping Jaina's new view of the universe, in which vampires could not be considered inherently dangerous or evil. The two became very close and have adopted each other as sisters. Lunzie's late daughter, Jae, was named for her Aunt Jaina, and both women refer to Jaina's relationship to Lunzie's other family members (e.g, Lunzie's late husband was Jaina's brother-in-law).

Lunzie is one of a handful of people who knows the location of Jaded Soul.

Suitov Iceheart

Jaina had something of a platonic crush on Suitov ever since he helped her into Schemer's Corner after she injured herself, and it seemed he fancied her quite a bit too. She asked him to share a drink (of Djew) with her; it quickly turned into a night-long conversation and growing attraction, with the pair becoming romantically involved.

Jaina keeps a room at Suitov's inn, where she lives when not otherwise occupied. While she's quick to point out that she doesn't live with Suitov, being nearer to him is a big part of why she moved to the inn in the first place.


(Please forgive a fuzzy memory.) I believe the two redheads met at the Inn at the Cross'd Roads. I think they didn't interact much until the time of Exploring the Outskirts, and got to know each other better in the time.


The vampire hunter and the fallen angel have a surprisingly low-drama friendship. Lance gets Jaina to loosen up, enjoy herself, and be unafraid of sexuality in general. They infrequently go clubbing and/or drinking together.

An incident between Lance and Weft caused Jaina to permanently distrust and despise Weft (as noted below). She is deeply protective of her loved ones and doesn't tolerate anyone who harms "her people."


Pasht and Jaina share a complex, frustration-fraught history dating back to Pasht's days as Kara, a vampire hunter. Jaina tends to idealize Kara and villify Pasht, forgetting that Kara was no saint herself.

They generally avoid each other.


Jaina once discovered Weft leaning over a bleeding, unconscious Lance with a knife. She immediately acted to remove Lance from the situation, assuming Weft was trying to hurt or kill Lance. (It was actually a huge accident and misunderstanding, but even if Weft tries to explain, she's too distrustful of anything he says to listen.) Suitov finds him amusing, so Jaina copes with having him around, but Weft and Jaina frequently engage each other in insult battles, and, once, actually came to blows.

Weft's mere presence stresses Jaina out. In Exploring the Outskirts, she used a portal to retrieve a few things from her room, just to avoid him.


In the past, Jaina attached herself to the arm of Lucifer against Lance's advice.

She used to have a teensy little crush on Galain Alcarin, but believed he would have no interest in a non-Elen woman. (Ha.)

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