Εὐρυάλη. Gorgon. Far-roaming.

the gorgon Euryale (image credit: "queer character classes" avatar set by Auntie Pixelante)

  • Origin: Terra
  • Home: Terra
  • Race: gorgon
  • Gender: genderqueer (they/their)

Mx Euryale (Εὐρυάλη) is a blue and cyan gorgon, as seen in their default icon. (Their sister Stheno is thin and red, per traditional depictions.) They generally do not wear clothing, calling it "a human thing".

Where humans usually have scalp hair, Euryale has many snakes, and a long serpentine tail instead of legs. Their teeth are sharp, giving them a bit of a snakey lisp.

They considers themself beautiful and are probably somewhat scornful of legs and hair.


The snakes atop Euryale's head have their own heads, complete with separate brains and desires. They are not intelligent and have been known to fight each other. Their senses are typical of serpents. Euryale cannot directly access their sense or control their behavior, although there is something of a connection; if the snakes detect danger, Euryale will become uneasy, though they may not understand why they feel that way.


The most accurate term for Euryale's gender identity is probably "gorgon". In recent times (relative to their immortal, ~4,000 year life), Euryale has come to prefer they/them pronouns for themself. They continue to identify their relationship to their gorgon siblings as "sisters," though.

Euryale refers to Medusa with she/her pronouns. Stheno's gender identity and preferred pronouns are unclear.


  • Parents: Phorcys and Ceto (sea deities)
  • Sisters: Stheno, Medusa

Phorcys and Ceto had other offspring, all monstrous, but Euryale seems to regard them as more distant. Possibly they were young at different times: e.g, the gorgons may have grown up after the Graeae were already fully adult, or the gorgons may have attained maturity before Ladon was even born (hatched?).

Euryale has consistently identified Medusa as their late sister (although not always by name). They have implied that the two were not siblings by birth, suggesting that Medusa may not have joined the gorgons' family until after her Athena transformed her.


Euryale lives alone in a hidden grotto somewhere on Terra. This is probably a different Terra than Jaina's, which is Terraree.

The grotto is full of statuary, stone, and rubble; Euryale's home is also their studio, and sculpture is their art. Sort of. You can guess.


As a gorgon, Euryale has the innate ability to petrify anyone foolish enough to meet their gaze. It isn't automatic: if they choose, they can meet your eyes harmlessly. (Even without petrification, they tend to leave a distinctly strong first impression on anyone not accustomed to gorgons.)

For a little while after a person has been petrified, they can reverse the petrification. (I'm not sure how little a while - less than a day, more than a few seconds.) As such, their preferred method of shutting people up is to draw their attention to themself, then glare at each one in turn until they achieve quiet.

Euryale is able to transport themself magically by tucking themself through their own looped tail until they disappear. They will then abruptly appear at their destination. They also utilize these loop portals as pockets, since they don't usually wear clothing.


Euryale was inspired by a pixel art icon by Auntie Pixelante. Because their default representation is this 100x100 icon, they are exclusive to journal roleplay.

They are largely based on the legendary Wikipedia:Euryale.

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