Vampire. No threat to humans. Figures in back story of Jaina Jade and, indirectly, Pasht.

  • Origin: Terraree
  • Home: deceased
  • Race: human (vampiric)
  • Gender: male

Ethan was a vampire who played a crucial role in Jaina Jade's departure from House Jade, and indirectly influenced Pasht's death and rise as a vampire.

Jaina was assigned to kill Ethan. She realized that he was getting by without killing humans, and refused to kill him. This got her ejected from House Jade.

Jaina's subsequent exit from Terra led Pasht to follow her, which placed Pasht in the situation that killed her.


Ethan was identified on TSFV by a different name, which sucked and was sacked. Now that he is Ethan, he has always been Ethan.


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