Artemisia ("Missy")

Booze pixie.

Missy, a tiny green liquor pixie (image credit: timepunching)

  • Origin: Pieria (allegedly)
  • Home: ?
  • Race: fae (booze pixie)
  • Gender: female

Artemisia prefers to go by "Missy". She's easy to spot: she's a slight eight inches high and green, with translucent dragonfly wings that spread outward from her back. Of course, that's assuming you can trust what you see...

Missy is an anthropomorphization of alcohol (especially absinthe, but more generally any alcoholic drink) and its effects on humans. Her appearance is based on the popular concept of la fée verte, with some divergence caused by the passage of time and Missy developing a more human personality.

Like all of her type of pixie, Missy must regularly ingest a certain amount of her element to retain her abilities and health. Any alcohol works in a pinch, but real absinthe is best, and the more expensive the better.


Her true form is an eight-inch-tall (~20cm) green woman with wings. The green is everywhere: eyes, hair, skin, clothes. The wings are about the length of her green gams and appear much like dragonfly wings.

She generally disguises this somewhat (see her Magic).


Missy embodies the purportedly hallucinatory and inspirational properties of absinthe, as well as the simple alcoholic effects. She can alter both human perception of reality and, to some degree, actual reality around her. Her main uses of this power are to "turn off" her wings (they're fragile) and to appear human-size but still green.

Missy practices a manipulation somewhere between illusion and induced hallucination, whereby she can make people see outlandish sights and believe they are real. She uses this often to appear human-size. She can assume total human appearance, but does so only among human beings; completely hiding her wings makes them itch and masking her green skin feels likewise.

When appearing "tall" (her word for it), the pixie her generally flutters within the head area of her illusive self. The illusion completely masks her from view. When she doesn't mind her spell, her "feet" may not quite touch the ground completely, or her "hand" could go right through a solid table. Unless she modifies it, her illusion mirrors her actual self; if the real pixie raises her left hand, so does her human-size illusion. Tweaking her illusion requires extra effort, so she rarely bothers unless she has a reason.

She has also been known to use more complex illusions to disguise herself as an empty glass or liquor bottle, generally to spy on people coping with the aftereffects of her mind games. The further the strays from her basic "magnified" illusion, the more she must concentrate to maintain the effect, so advanced disguises are uncommon.

Missy's actual reality-warping effects are limited to herself and items related to alcohol: she can manifest an enormous shotglass, because that's booze-related, but not a plastic sippy cup, because that (generally) isn't.


It's not surprising that a booze pixie would make a good bartender. Missy sincerely likes to listen to human woes - almost as much as she likes to butt in when she feels somebody needs a dose of reality. She can also be relied on to magically produce somebody's favorite drink upon request (unless they're underage - she isn't picky about years, but she won't serve a potentially lethal substance to a visibly prepubescent kid. She will serve them ginger ale, etc).


Missy is exclusive to journal roleplay, as her powers have the potential to godmode a plot if unleashed upon the masses. Her only real story to date is the scene A Game of Chance or Skill, with her apparent friend Fortune.


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