Elven race which contributed to Lady Knight's ancestry.

Lady Knight, a warrior of partial Allimdori descent (image credit: AllAvatars)

This entry's name is subject to change. Reason: Allimdor sounds too close for comfort to World of Warcraft's Kallimdor. When a new name is devised, this page will redirect to the new name.

Allimdor (adj: Allimdori) is an elven nation lightly parodying all generic elves and their trappings. Allimdori elves are elves who do elven things in elven ways. They have elven magic and speak elven tongues.

This is Ree's way of winking at pretty much the entire elf subgenre. It also spares her thankless hours of devising a race, landscape, language, culture, dress, magic system....

Notable Allimdori

  • Lady Knight's elven ancestry is Allimdori, through her mother.

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