Valentino:"ladies' man"::Barbie:"man's man"

"Barbie" is Ree's infamous Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition fighter. He claims his name is short for "barbarian," but in fact he is a simple warrior. He is also openly, flamboyantly gay, hitting on men at every opportunity (which has occasionally included dungeons mid-trawl, as well as the standard taverns and caravans).

He dresses in his own skewed version of barbarian clothes: bejeweled weaponry and scabbards and lush fur linings. He is perhaps best known among his traveling companions for a lover he once attracted, largely because it happened while the party was deep in dungeons from which no-one had ever returned, and the lover happened to be a lost priest of the goddess of love.

He is a very lucky "barbarian" and knows it. Barbie is optimistic and confident.

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